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Product Tester Website Goes Live

Just Holster It is excited to announce the launch of its product tester website. Subscribers will be given the opportunity to test various products ranging from gun holsters, holster and gun care products, gun cases, cleaning accessories, holster belts, and much much more. Best of all after they complete the test and write a review they get to keep the product.

Immediately they are given the chance to try out a product and see what they think. However if a review is not complete they will be placed on an inactive list until they complete the review.

This is a great opportunity for Just Holster It to test out products they are working on and get quality market feedback. Or even test out new products they are considering adding to their dealer or store locations. And customers love it because they have a say in what products they  would like us to carry.

In addition to the product reviews they are given the opportunity to buy the products before anyone else at deep discounts. If you would like to learn more about the Product Testing or to become a Tester simply follow this link….  Just Holster It – Product Tester