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Firearms Training

Firearms Training







One on One Handgun Shooting Fundamentals for Beginners


Don’t have your pistol permit yet and want to learn the Basic Fundamentals, or just received it and want to learn the right techniques in a controlled environment. Would you like to start to build the correct skills needed to be proficient with your handgun?

Just Holster It uses the latest in Laser Training Technology to introduce you to handguns, safety, proper shooting skills and fundaments all in a controlled safe environment. Starting on the Smokeless Laser Range and moving to the Live Fire Range we will help you develop proper shooting fundamental skills to feel comfortable with your handgun improving your accuracy.

The Smokeless Laser Training Range employees the tools needed to give you a realistic experience, while doing it safely. Using realistic guns from the trigger and working action to even the recoil we help you learn proper skills in a controlled  safe one on one environment.

Some of the core topics include…..

  • Safe Gun Handling Techniques
  • Proper Grip
  • Trigger Fundamentals
  • Draw & Holster Techniques
  • Shooting Stance
  • Proper Gun Fit
  • At Home and on the Range Training Techniques
  • And Much More

Sign up by calling 716-902-4298 or emailing [email protected]

** Live fire Training requires a NYS Pistol Permit.