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Custom Made Holsters


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Custom Made Holsters

Looking for Custom Made Holsters? So many times we are looking for specific features or attributes in a product and just cannot seem to find the right holster. Whether you are looking for a Concealed IWB Holster or an OWB Holster, this seems to be a common issue when searching for handgun holsters and is why we are in business today. So everyone here at Just Holster It feels you should have choices when nothing else will meet your needs. By now you have browsed our holsters and probably have been surfing the web looking for your perfect holster in gun model, color, clips, style, and features.
Well you now have an option, what if you could have built a holster to your design specifications and at an affordable price. In fact you control the price based on features.

Starting with the Basics (Please check our list of over 200 available guns)
Tell us what Gun Manufacturer and Model you have, have you had any upgrades done to it or any special features such as with a rail. We have a list of guns currently available, however this list is growing everyday so if you don’t see your handgun, contact us anyway. Special orders and not stock guns are based on availability and typically do not affect pricing.
Gun Accessories
Does your gun have any accessories on it, such as a Laser, Light, or scope. This is probably one of the hardest issues for us to accommodate, but we will do our best to work with you and meet your needs.
Holster Style (Base holster Price is $35)
Here is where you tell us what style holster you want, starting with an OWB(Outside the Waistband) or IWB (Inside the Waistband). Maybe you are looking for a boot holster, thigh or ankle Holster, the choices are limited by your imagination. Our base holster price excludes clips or special features, such as sweat shield, color selection or leather backing. Whether you are looking for a custom paddle holster or a simple boot holster, let Just Holster It build your vision. All holsters come with standard black or black carbon fiber.

So do you want leather and Kydex or just Kydex, unfortunately we are not a leather manufacturer so we do not do custom build leather holsters. We use leather simply as a backing for our IWB Hybrids and OWB style holsters.
Color Selection
Standard Black or Carbon Fiber Black is no upcharge and standard on all holsters.
Alternate colors, the options are endless and the selection choices is long. We will email you a picture of the color you select before starting production of your holster. If you don’t see a pattern let us know we can see if we can get it. Other color options may be available. If you don’t see it tell us.
Custom Kydex™ Color Choices :
• Red • Blood Red • Chocolate Brown
• Coyote Brown • Desert Tan • Gunmetal Gray
• Hot Pink • Infantry Green • Olive Drab Green
• Police Blue • Safety Orange • Safety Yellow
• Flat Dark Earth Fall • Flat Dark Earth Spring • Zombie Green

Custom Kydex™ Digital Color Choices:
• Forest Digital Camo • Urban Digital Camo • Desert Digital Camo
• SuperCam™ Camo • Tiger Stripe Digital Camo • Hot Pink Digital Camo
• Dutch Woodland Camo • Zombie Green Skulls • White Skulls

Custom Specialty Dipped Patterns:
• Boneyard Camo • Red Flames • Animal Skin Patterns (inc. snake skins, cheetah, etc)
• Woodlands Camo • Orange Flames • Illusion Patterns
• Pink Woodlands Camo • Character Patterns • Wood Grain Patterns

Clip Selection:
With so many variations of clips to choose from, you have a variety of choices or combinations.

As a NRA Business Alliance Member we encourage everyone to join the NRA, help defend your 2nd Amendment by supporting the organization that supports you. To become a member complete the National Rifle Association Members Application


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