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JHI Pocket Holster


  •  JHI Pocket Holster for optimal concealment
  • Sized specific to the Handgun
  • Ideal handgun holster for the everyday wear, from shorts to dress slacks
  • Lightweight .06 material
  • Flat side of holster faces out to minimize imprinting
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Lifetime Warranty

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JHI Pocket Holster

The JHI Pocket Holster by Just Holster It, LLC is the latest in Concealed Carry Holsters for your pocket. Our JHI Pocket Holster is the ideal handgun holster for the everyday wear, from shorts to dress slacks you can carry your handgun with confidence and comfort.
Utilizing our own design no one will know you are carrying concealed. In addition we have added a tab that allows to you catch the holster on your pocket as you draw your gun or simply use your thumb to push the holster off your gun.
No more worrying if the holster is too tight or too loose as we have integrated the adjustable retention feature found with all of our holsters, giving you total control. The JHI Pocket Holster comes in a variety of color options and both right and left handed. So don’t wait and order yours today.

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