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OWB Concealed Holsters -Leather Backed


Lifestyles: Outside the Waist Band, Casual dress, Requires a Belt, Blue Jean Casual, Open Carry State, Holsters for Her, Great for Hunting or Hiking

  • OWB Holster (Outside the Waist Band)
  • Ideal Match for Hybrid Holster
  • Interchangeable Gun Shells – Free Exchange for Life
  • 10-14oz  100% American Leather – Brown or Black
  • 20 Day Test Drive – Return No Questions Asked
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 200+ Gun Models

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OWB Concealed Holsters

The OWB (Outside Waist Band) Holster is designed to be a cost effective alternative to the fancy high end leather or paddle holsters sold in the handgun holster market. If you are looking for a quality holster that is durable and can be interchanged with our Hybrid Holsters  gun shells giving you multiple carry options. All of our OWB Concealed Holsters are made specific to your gun model making it a handgun specific custom holster, unlike many of the other “One Size Fits All” alternatives.
A unique feature of our products is that you after you buy the holster you can buy additional molded shells to change on the holster allowing you to use the holster for more than one gun. The Storm Hybrid Holster and the OWB Concealed Holsters both utilize the molded gun shells and are interchangeable. Allowing you to swap any of the gun shells with either holster. Reducing the need for a bin full of holsters. And the next time you trade or buy a new gun, simply buy just the Gun Shell instead of the completed concealed holster.

As with all of our Concealed Holsters, our OWB Concealed Holsters because of their durability earns our Lifetime Warranty Seal. So as long as you don’t run it over with your truck. Your concealed carry holster is as protected as you are when you are wearing it.

LaserMax Lasers

We also manufacture guns with a complete line of LaserMax Lasers, so if you don’t see your Gun Laser combo let us know and we will set it up for you.

Holster Features:
• 10-12 oz Leather Backed in either Brown or Black
• .08 Thick Carbon Fiber Kydex material used for all Gun Shells
• Interchangeable Gun Shells allowing you one holster for multiple guns
• Interchangeable Gun Shells with Hybrid Holsters
• Lifetime Warranty
• 15-20 degree FBI Cant
• Available in Right or Left Handed
• Over 180 Gun Model Options

As a NRA Business Alliance Member we encourage everyone to join the NRA, help defend your 2nd Amendment by supporting the organization that supports you. To become a member complete the National Rifle Association Members Application


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