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Shooting Targets Kit


Introducing the Shooting Targets Kit by Just Holster It, LLC. Tired of trying to find a place to shoot or a good spot to put the target? Are you saving your cardboard boxes in case you need a target, or having a hard time finding cardboard, a stapler, or targets around the house? Have you ever been out shooting and had your target fall apart because the rain started? We have the solution for you! The Shooting Targets Kit by Just Holster It, LLC.

Our Shooting Targets Kits are made of high strength corrugated light weight plastic. This means you can leave them out in the rain for months and not worry about the weather, finding more cardboard, or going to buy more paper targets. Our gun targets currently come in 3 unique designs  3 target packages.

Assembly is simple. All you do is take the wire frame and insert it into the corrugated side of the targets and then position the target and step on the cross brace to push it into the ground.

Shooting Target Kit (all kits include stand):

  • Package – Diamonds, Single Spot, and Human Silhouette Targets

Because we use a corrugated plastic for our targets, they are weatherproof and provide a perfect hole with every shot, which makes your hits much more visible from a distance.

Our Target kits also make for great fundraising options for hunt clubs, shooting clubs, and other organizations looking for a way to bring in money or cut target costs. Contact us at [email protected] for more information on fundraising using the JHI Shooting Targets Kit.

As a NRA Business Alliance Member we encourage everyone to join the NRA, help defend your 2nd Amendment by supporting the organization that supports you. To become a member complete the National Rifle Association Members Application


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