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Ultimate Gun Holster Belt



The Ultimate gun Holster belt is the best-fitting, most comfortable, and most practical belt you’ll ever own. A hidden track that is virtually indestructible creates over 40+ sizing points, so you can adjust your belt 1/4″ at a time. The result is a secure and precise fitting EDC belt that gives you a smooth, fast draw. All belts are made with Top-Grain leather or Tactical nylon webbing (1.5″ wide) with a Reinforced Poly-Core center for added stiffness & stability. Leather gun belts fit any waist size from 24” up to 44” and Tactical gun belts fit any waist from 24″ to 54″.


Constructed using 2 full-length pieces of Top-Grain Leather stitched together and a Reinforced Poly-Core Center to prevent roll-over and to give added support (1.5” wide / 5.5 mm thick). It is designed to support holstered firearms (IWB & OWB) up to a maximum of 4 lbs. total weight. Kore brand gun belts feature a 10” virtually indestructible hidden track with 40+ size positions. Now you can precisely adjust your EDC gun belt in small 1/4” increments. Not rated as duty belt or tactical belt, but rather the perfect concealed carry belt for work, play, or out on the town – because no one needs to know you’re carrying.

  • Best fitting, most comfortable EDC gun belt you’ll ever wear. Precise, secure fit provides a smooth, fast draw every time
  • NO Belt Holes. Instead Kore concealed carry belts use a hidden track with 40+ sizing points, so you can adjust ¼” at a time. Result = 800% more adjustable vs. traditional leather gun belt
  • Designed to support small to medium weight firearms (4 lbs. max). Classic subtle buckle designs, because no one needs to know you’re carrying
  • Brown Leather Gun belts are One-Size & fit any waist from 24” to 44” (1.5” wide). Top-Grain leather & reinforced poly-core center for support & stiffness. Buckle styles differ but mechanism and function is the same


Heavy-duty, high-grade zinc alloy (contains nickel) with a gunmetal finish (4.3 x 6 cm). Various ratchet buckle styles to choose, but the mechanism and function is identical. Interchangeable with all our X series gun buckles and gun belts (not fashion buckles or belts). Underside of the buckle can be used to open bottle tops. You can also pop the buckle off, leave the leather on, and pass through TSA airport security quick and easily.

  • Buckle pops open bottle tops, or pops off to swap belts, or pass thru airport security with leather on. This belt does more than just look good
  • Heavy-duty gun belt buckles designed to work exclusively with Kore leather & tactical reinforced gun belts (1.5” wide)
  • Classic looking EDC belt buckles are perfect for work, dress or casual situations, because no one needs to know you’re carrying
  • Choose X1, X2, or X4 styles. Only difference between buckles is style – the mechanism and function are identical. Any buckles not available in drop down menu may be temporarily out of stock

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