Firearms Training and Concealed Carry Classes in Buffalo, NY

Firearms Training Are you looking for Pistol Permit Classes or to take more advanced Firearms Training Classes? Just Holster It works with their sister company Just Holster It Firearms & Training Center. From basic Pistol Permit Classes to Concealed Carry Classes, and even MDTS Live Fire Training. Maybe you are looking to expand your concealed carry coverage into other states. James at FTWNY is constantly updating his schedule to provide a wide selection of dates for the most common classes. You can see his complete schedule here.

Why Firearms Training of WNY, you ask? A quick internet search reveals that there is no shortage of firearms instructors in the region; All are incredible people and are trying to make an honest living, but we are picking someone to teach us life changing information. We are going to conceal carry a handgun for person protection. When choosing someone to teach you these techniques you obviously want to hold them to some set of standards. Here are some things we find in James from Firearms Training of WNY.

  1. What’s their employment background?

Our Instructor James is a full-time firearms instructor and when he’s not teaching classes, he’s attending them. In this way he is able to always keep his training up to date and offer his students the latest in educational material.

  1. Are their classes respected in the community?

Firearms Training of WNY is respected and recommended by many law enforcement officers. In addition, his classes are respected by the local county departments that regulate pistol permits. He works closely with each department to ensure he is meeting or exceeding standards.

  1. Do they walk the walk?

I admit, this one is difficult to find out. However, it’s important to know whether an instructor believes in their training. James lives by what he teaches and follows the rules to the max.

  1. Can they teach?

Pretty obvious, right? I know many people who are great marksmen and have incredible handgun shooting knowledge, yet are terrible teachers. You need someone who is able to explain why we do the things we do. Firearms Training of WNY takes it a step further and makes themselves available beyond the class. If after your class you need help with paperwork or have a question, James is almost always available.

Here is a list of the classes they offer…..


[email protected] or call us at 716-582-0506


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