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Just Holster It has created a business model that has YOU, the store owner in mind, and your customers at heart.

We have created a solution to one of your biggest and most expensive problems …Inventory Volume and Investment!

Just Holster It has put together a business plan that will allow your business to expand your product offerings to your customers, while minimizing not only your shelf space, but your inventory levels and investment. Would you like to be able to offer more holster options? And even more gun models? Wouldn’t it be great to compete with the bog box stores and internet sales?

What if for example you only needed to have 4 packages for the Hybrid Holster on your shelf? Those 4 packages are good for over 150 different handguns. Now you could offer holsters for all of the top brands like Remington, Springfield, Glock, Sig Sauer, etc. In fact, you could put 12 packages on your shelf and offer your customers color options, hand selection, and 4 different holster options including adjustable retention holsters, all with a Lifetime Warranty.

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