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Best Kydex IWB Holsters with Fast Free Shipping

Screw & Spacer Rebuild Kit


As you continue to use and wear your holster, it will begin to wear down and either the spacers will become worn out or a screw may fall out. We do recommend the use of Lok Tite or other products to ensure you do not lose any parts. However when it does happen we have put together this simple rebuild kit that includes all the spacers and screws you may need for any one of our holsters. We are not over pricing but simply charging the cost of parts and shipping. Thank You for being one of our customers.

This Rebuild Kit is for the following Holsters….

  • Protector
  • Protector Plus
  • Storm & Storm 2.0 Hybrid
  • Kydex Production Holster
  • Kydex Pocket Holster
  • Paddle Holsters


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