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Shooting Target Package

by Just Holster It, LLC

One place to look for a shooting range is wheretoshoot.org sponsored by the National Shooting Sport Foundation. But what happens when there isn’t a range open or nearby and you decide to go to your favorite outdoor field. But finding targets, cardboard, and something to hold up the target and cardboard seem to be tasking, and let’s not forget to take the stapler, hammer, or tape with us as we pack our holster, handgun, and ammo. Once there you find that you don’t have the right target or enough targets. But you did buy Shoot-N-C Targets just too bad they are so small and you still need cardboard to hold up the target.
Just Holster It, LLC has made the best holsters for concealed carry, in addition to top quality holster belts made of 100% one piece leather. They have taken that same dedication to handgun holsters and leather holster belts to their newest product line Shooting Targets Kit. They have put together 3 standard targets measuring 18”x 24” made from corrugated plastic cardboard. Now even if it starts to rain or you want to leave your target setup on your own range you no longer have to worry. Their shooting target package comes in with two or three target packages. And include either diamonds, human silhouette, or single spot targets.
In addition to being perfect on the range or in the woods, they also make for great fundraising for your local hunting club, gun range, or other organizations. Or maybe you are looking for a way to cut cost at your local outdoor club range and want to offer an affordable shooting target package option to your membership. We offer a variety of package options to help raise money and cut cost. For more information on fundraising options and pricing please contact us at [email protected].

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