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What to Consider When Choosing a Handgun to Conceal Carry

You’ve put in the work and got your conceal carry permit (HURRAY!). OR maybe you live in a state that doesn’t require a permit and you have finally decided you want to protect yourself and your family. So off to the store you go to buy yourself a present for all that hard work. You walk into your local gun shop and instantly feel like a kid in a candy store all over again. As you look through the glass at the various handguns, you see a wide range of models, shapes and sizes – from Revolvers to Semi-Auto’s in various barrel lengths. Where do you start, and which one is best for you?

You finally get the attention of a salesman and explain to him you are new to conceal carry and are looking for your first handgun. Depending on the gun shop and their expertise in proper fit of handguns, will determine if you walkout with the correct handgun for you. Other factors can be how busy they are at the moment, or what their approach is to their customer service. But sometimes it’s simply the inexperience of the employee behind the counter. So many times you will find yourself being sold what the gun shop has in stock or what is on sale, not what fits you and your needs.

So how can you avoid being sold the wrong handgun, or something that just does not fit you or your lifestyle. First and foremost, educate yourself before going shopping about what you think it is you need to be looking for. Understand the different types of handguns and the options that they can come with. This can be overwhelming, trust us we’ve all been there. So let’s start with the basics to consider when shopping for your concealed carry handgun.

Let’s say you’re a woman buying a 45 caliber handgun, now you have to determine how to conceal carry. Well that might not be the best choice for you, not because you can’t handle the recoil, but because it is a larger caliber handgun and more weight is added to it. A 9mm or .380 might be the better choice and give you a lighter handgun that is not only nice to carry but is fun to shoot. Numerous times women come in to Just Holster It and they are told by their father or husband to buy a revolver. But they tell us it kicks too much and that it’s not as fun to shoot, which is because the barrel sits higher on a revolver creating a stronger bullwhip action to the gun.

So what gun is going to fit you? We suggest going to the gun store dressed like you typically would. If you don’t typically wear a belt then don’t go to the shop wearing a belt – don’t make that change now in your lifestyle. Instead, think about what gun fits your current style and how you normally dress? Can you conceal a double or staggered stack handgun or not? Do you need a shorter barrel handgun because your pants are tighter? Maybe you have shoulder issues or hip issues and you can’t hide your handgun in the most ideal places. These are all things to consider when choosing a handgun.

And just like choosing a handgun, these points can also be applied when buying your holster. So keep us in mind when you decide on a handgun and are now looking for a holster that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

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