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Best Concealed Gun Holsters 2015

Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best thing to do, but at others it can be more annoying than useful. This is why concealed gun holsters were made-to ensure your safety without giving anyone a tip off that you are armed. But with holsters there always comes a price, whether it be comfort, size or price, something has got to give. That’s why we have made this post, to give you the what’s what of the best concealed gun holsters of the year. Find your gun’s new best friend below!

The biggest issue when it comes to holsters, concealed or not, is the size. If you’re carrying an IWB holster and it’s too big, it won’t matter if it’s concealed or not because you’ll be itching and adjusting so much. Ideally you’d like to find something that you can hide but that doesn’t also weigh a ton. With IWB holsters this is doubly important since they sit inside your waistband. If they don’t sit comfortably, they are definitely a massive dud. At the end of the day, comfort is king, especially when you’re carrying a gun.

If you want something for home security rather than carrying your gun on your person, the Rigid IWB Holster & Knight Guard Package from Just Holster It is a great place to start. Reasonably priced, this product is a low key holster that is made to rest on the side of your bed frame for easy access in the night. With the package you get an added torch in your holster which can be the difference between day and night if you need to sight at night. This holster is made with set screws that ensure that your handgun is safely cushioned without the possibility of falling or being damaged. The best part? The Knight Guard is made from polycarbonate and is placed between your mattress and the frame, with no permanent settings necessary. Great for safety and storage at night, this is worth a check out!

Are you super active? The 5 in 1 Holster is  the way to go for you. Made to fit every type of need, it can be worn around the neck as a lanyard, or moved to the inside of your pants for a more concealed approach. It has several different settings to ensure that it is as versatile as possible for whatever you need it for. The different clips and lanyards allows you to put it in your pocket if you want a more formal approach. Just bear in mind this holster is made for the more sub-compact pistols and guns, not for the big daddies!

For the above comfort reasons, the holster belts from Just Holster It are definitely one of our favourites. Available in several sizes, they are made for IWB holsters and OWB holsters. Made from genuine leather and crafted in the United States, these holster belts are available in various sizes and come in classy black or brown. Ideal as a centre for your gun, these holster belts really tie an outfit together and they are made to last. Seriously you shouldn’t count on replacing these anytime soon- they’ll likely outlast your kids!

Have the last few items been like fluff to you? Try checking out the Hybrid Concealed Carry Holsters for a bit more cash. Not only does it let your choose between your IWB and OWB options, but it comes standard with a 15 degree cant for ease of removal and carry. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and is definitely one of the top holsters around. It’s also fully interchangeable with adjustable retention, allowing you to set how you would like your carry.  Take a look at this if you are into some serious shooting.

Do you love shorts but hate the bulge your side arm makes? For the ultimate in no-awkward-bulgeness, try the JHI Pocket Holster also from Just Holster It. The material used to make this concealed carry holster ensures that the ridges of the handgun doesn’t show through the material of your pants. It blends straight in with the material, and can be made for either left or right hand draw, and comes in a variety of colours, and can be made for tons of types of guns. And it’s only $28.95! At that price, this is just a steal.

Lastly, want a special present to give a loved one? A custom made leather holster might be the way to go if you want tons of brownie points. Made to fit your loved ones gun, in multiple colours, this could seriously increase the comfort level as an IWB holster. Not in sight, but still hugging your loved one on the hip like a loving embrace. That is absolutely how you want to pack it in!

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