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Just Holster It Store in Alden, NY – Concealed Carry Made Easy

Just Holster It is a holster store like no other, offering our customers a unique experience.  We do not sell guns or ammo, we sell exclusively Holsters for men and women. We offer you access to the largest holster selection in the Northeast with over 300 gun models and 10,000+ holsters to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a concealed carry holster or a hunting holster, we can help you find something to fit your needs and your gun.

Concealed Carry for women


We recognize that more and more women are carrying concealed now and are struggling with finding a holster to fit their lifestyle and how they dress. Just Holster It caters to both men and women allowing you the opportunity to try a holster before you buy. We have a section of the store dedicated exclusively to women.

We will walk you through a process of matching holster options to you and your handgun. Best of all if we can’t find a holster to fit you or your gun, we can build it on location in just a few days. Best of all you get to try before you buy, no longer being stuck with online holsters purchases that are uncomfortable or don’t fit your gun. Looking for holsters for women, we have a wide range of women only holster options.


Just Holster It not only manufactures their own line of concealed carry holsters right in Alden, NY. But they also carry a wide range of other  popular holsters on the market.


IWB Holster with UltiClip DSC_0027 Ross Leather Holsters Firearms Training

  • Universal Magazine Holders
  • Leather Holsters by Ross Leather
  • Western Holsters and Belts
  • Gun Safes for your car
  • Concealed Carry Coats and Vest
  • Undertech Shirts for him and her
  • Bra Holsters
  • and much much more

Maybe you are looking for a different style holster, we are working hard to bring you the best holsters from across the industry at affordable prices. We are constantly searching and testing new holster options that meet our standard of quality. We then work to get you the most competitive prices in the industry.  From all leather holsters to the best quality ankle holsters we have brought the best holsters here to Western New York, all under one roof. Looking for holsters for women, maybe you have been looking for Concealed Carry Apparel or have been reading about the Tank tops online and have been curious to learn more. Now you have a place that has so many options. One customer was stated…. “This was more fun then shopping for my wedding dress.”

Some of the other great brands we offer are…..  1791 Gun Leather, Gun Toten Mama Purses, BugBite Ankle Holsters, Fancy Pants Women’s Holsters, Undertech Concealed Carry Apparel and so much more.

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Concealed Carry Shelf concealment shelf


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