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Double Magazine Holder


Double Magazine Holders

Introducing the latest in Double Mag Holder options. Our one of a kind Double Magazine Holder allow for the total adjustment options. Whether you are looking to shoot a league, at the range, or for everyday carry we have have a Mag Holder that will accommodate most of your Magazines. Not only does this mag holder accommodate most 9mm, 40cal, and 45 cal magazines. It also adjust from single to staggered to even double stack Magazines. With the exception of your larger mags such as 45 gap glocks. Standard opening size adjust from 0.61″ TH x 1.39″ W to 1.05″ TH x 1.39″ W. (We recommend you measure your magazines prior to ordering).

But we took it one step further, with our Double Mag Holders you can also adjust the cant of each mag and even ride height. By utilizing a special backer, you can adjust the cant and height in 1/4″ increments. This gives you complete adjustability from the mag you carry to cant and ride height. One Double mag holder for all your carry needs. Only need one Mag Holder, be sure to check out our single mag holder that comes with a speed clip for easy on and off.

*** Does not fit Glock double Stack 45 or 45 GAP. We recommended to measure your magazines prior to ordering to ensure it is in the range.

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