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Gun Rest


Do you find yourself getting to the range and discovering you have forgotten something, or there just is not enough sand bags to go around? Do you hate lugging your heavier gun rest to the range, especially when you are carrying your shooting bag and firearms?

Finally a gun rest that is light enough for anyone to easily carry. Extremely durable (NOT STYROFOAM) and most importantly, IT WORKS! A gun sight/bench-rest for under $20!


  • Perfect for sighting in or assisting in bore sighting rifles
  • Can be used as a bench rest/vice while cleaning or performing maintenance on firearms
  • Grips firearm securely without damaging the stock finish
  • Lightweight and Portable making for easy transport to the range
  • Strong, durable EPE material which absorbs vibration from recoil, that also resists tearing, puncturing, cracking and fading
  • Included wedge allows easy elevation adjustment for close or long range sighting
  • Highly Chemical Resistant to Solvent resistant to gun oil and cleaning fluids, even gasoline
  • Water-resistant for use in any weather
  • 100% recyclable material – Not Styrofoam

This is ideal for shooting at the range or even cleaning your firearm. When at the range its lightweight design allows you to have another hand free. While cleaning you don’t need to worry about spills because the built-in chemical resistance prevents the product from being damaged by gun cleaner. Its simplicity, utility and downright usefulness make this the perfect gun rest for you or the gun owner in your life.


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