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Handgun Magazine Holder

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The Just Holster It Handgun Magazine Holder. Our single magazine holder utilizes the same clip as the Protector and Protector Plus. It is made from the same carbon fiber material. The adjustable retention is integrated directly into it. As a result, you can even adjust the ride height of your magazine in the holder.

Key Feature

The Just Holster It Handgun Magazine Holder can be worn either OWB or IWB, allowing for total flexibility and comfort control. The JHI Magazine Holder carries the Lifetime Warranty Seal like so many of our other holsters. Unlike many other holsters on the market, our Handgun Magazine Holders are designed to ensure that the bullets falling out the bottom.

Perfect for everyday concealed carry or competition shooting matches. The Handgun Magazine Holder has been tested under both everyday carry and tournament use by our sponsored shooters.

Do not delay, get our Just Holster It concealed carry handgun magazine holder now.

As a NRA Business Alliance Member we encourage everyone to join the NRA, help defend your 2nd Amendment by supporting the organization that supports you. To become a member complete the National Rifle Association Members Application

3 reviews for Handgun Magazine Holder

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  1. Magazine fits snug wore it all day didn’t have any issues whatsoever.

  2. Very nice products much more aesthetically pleasing than others, very fast shipping!

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