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Handgun Magazine Holder


Lifestyle: Professional, Blue Jean Casual , Joggers/Runners, Holsters for Her, All around carry, IWB or OWB Carry,  belt required. Holds one Magazine

  • IWB Magazine Holster (Inside the Waist Band)
  • OWB Magazine Holster (Outside the Waist Band)
  • .08 Thick Carbon Fiber Black Material
  • High Strength Plastic Clips Standard
  • 20 Day Test Drive – Return No Questions Asked
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Wide Range of Sizes

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Handgun Magazine Holder

Concealed Carry Holster for Magazines

Introducing the Just Holster It Handgun Magazine Holder. Like with all of our concealed carry Holster products the single magazine holder utilizes the same clip as the Protector and Protector Plus. In addition it is not only made from the same carbon fiber material, but it also has adjustable retention integrated directly into it. This allows for more flexibility across a range of magazines as well, so that you are not restricted to having a mag holder for each caliber.

The Just Holster It Handgun Magazine Holder can be worn either like an OWB holster or an IWB holster, giving you total flexibility and comfort control. We are so confident in the product it also carries the Lifetime Warranty Seal. A unique feature of our concealed carry handgun magazine holder is its versatility in the range of mags each holder can be used on. In many cases it is simply a matter of changing out the spacers to accommodate various magazine sizes. Unlike many other holsters on the market , our Handgun Magazine Holders are designed to ensure that you dont have bullets falling out the bottom.

Whether you are looking for a everyday concealed carry handgun magazine holder or looking for something to use in for tournament our products are the right choice for you. The Handgun Magazine Holder has been tested under both everyday carry and tournament by our sponsored shooters. Ensuring you get nothing but the best product features and concealment options.

Do not delay get your Just Holster It concealed carry handgun magazine holder now.


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