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Holster Belts – 1.5″ Wide




Holster Belts

Just Holster It Heavy Duty Holster Belts are made from 10-12 ounce real leather, and come in either Brown or Black. This belt is a 1.5″ Wide and comes in a wide range of lengths. This will be the last  American Made holster belt you will need to buy for years. All holster belts come standard with 2″ adjustment either direction.

Not even the best of holsters will perform as designed if you don’t have a top quality belt. So many times customers will ask why their holster will pull away from their body. You can have a Rigid IWB Holster and it will feel like it is not so rigid. By adding a belt that is just as durable and strong as the holster it will change how you wear your holster and the level of comfort.

Please note that when measuring  please refer to our measuring charts for clear explanation.

How to measure your belt for proper Belt Sizing

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