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Lanyard Bra Holster

(5 customer reviews)


Lifestyle: Professional, Blue Jean Casual , Joggers/Runners, Holsters for Her, All around carry, worn under any shirt.

  • adjustable retention
  • adjustable lanyard allows for adjustment of ride height
  • standard color is black
  • smooth exterior so not to irritate the skin
  • lanyard is placed around neck and then under undergarment
  • simple grab and pull design for fast draw
  • Can be worn on the outside or under shirts
  • ideal for anytime wear, works exceptionally well for joggers/runners

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5 reviews for Lanyard Bra Holster

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  1. Good

  2. I didn’t like how I contacted the store and the man I spoke with kept cutting me off when I was asking for the return info because the website still shows a screw and when I purchased the description said it had a screw but upon receiving it there wasn’t one. After admitting I bought the wrong size he said with an attitude “well you bought the 43 when you have a 48) then he tried to end the call prior to giving me the return authorization number. Granted this is my first fire arm and I had plan to return the bra holster for a regular one but the attitude given by that one employee made it to where I won’t be doing any business with this company. I just hope I get the full amount back for the item itself not including shipping cost

    • Customer first emailed us with her concerns. WE asked for pictures of the gun 2x. Once she sent pictures we determined she ordered the totally wrong gun and explained this. We then explained that she can return the holster but shipping cost is her expense. She then called us and argued that she was not responsible for shipping. For the record she ordered a S&W Bodyguard 380 and she owns a S&W Shield 380EZ.
      We finally told her after many attempts of explaining she ordered the wrong gun model and that is not our fault. We never denied her a return we told her she could less the cost of the original freight and she had to pay shipping to send back. This is all explained in our Return Policy.

  3. Exactly what I wanted. I tried another bra holster that needed to attach to a bra and it was difficult to change onto different bra’s and it still hung too low. This holster works with any bra, the height is easily adjustable to fit different ones. It conceals very well. I just have to figure out a way to make the lanyard look more pretty like a necklace. It looks like a name badge holder.

  4. Very good product to concealed

  5. This is THE best way to carry concealed! Never a blind reach behind your back, always in the same place every single time makes for a very quick draw. I even carried in a very fitted dress and was completely concealed. I will never carry in a different style again.

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