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Lanyard Bra Holster

(2 customer reviews)



Lifestyle: Professional, Blue Jean Casual , Joggers/Runners, Holsters for Her, All around carry, worn under any shirt.

  • Adjustable retention
  • Adjustable lanyard allows for adjustment of ride height
  • Standard color is black
  • Smooth exterior so not to irritate the skin
  • Lanyard is placed around neck and then under undergarment
  • Simple grab and pull design for fast draw
  • Can be worn on the outside or under shirts
  • Ideal for anytime wear, works exceptionally well for joggers/runners

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2 reviews for Lanyard Bra Holster

  1. Christine Young

    This is THE best way to carry concealed! Never a blind reach behind your back, always in the same place every single time makes for a very quick draw. I even carried in a very fitted dress and was completely concealed. I will never carry in a different style again.

  2. Denise

    Very good product to concealed

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