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Paddle Attachment


The new DIY OWB Paddle is the handiest paddle on today’s holster market. Similar in size and shape to the other popular paddles out there ours saves you time and effort by already including holes.

Our paddle features two rows of wide slotted holes that allow your hole spacing to range from 0.5″ to 1.5″ on center.

The dual rows of slotted holes allow you a wide range of cant options too. Straight drop / zero cant. Plus or minus adjust ability clear out to 30 degrees!


  • 4″ wide
  • 4.25″ tall
  • 0.5″ thickness


  • No drilling required
  • Production paddles will be engraved “MADE IN U.S.A.” low on the front
  • Robust locking stays put on your belt. Period.
  • Dual wide slotted holes
  • Nearly infinite cant adjust ability
  • Works with G Code hole patterns
  • Works with Blackhawk hole patterns
  • Works with Safariland hole patterns
  • Works with Blade Tech hole patterns
  • Made in USA on US made tooling by US workers


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