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Paddle Holster – Laser Light Models

(18 customer reviews)


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  • All Sales are Final as these are custom build to your configuration
  • .08 Thick Carbon Fiber Kydex material used for all Gun Shells
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Available in Right or Left Handed
  • Over 300+ handgun models
  • Adjustable retention screws
  • Hand tuned before shipment


Introducing the latest in durable OWB carry holsters! The Laser Paddle Holsters offer unparalleled comfort and support for your gun. The Paddle Holster is ideal for security, everyday carry, hunting, or even for tournament or range shooting. A unique feature of our paddle holsters is the adjustable retention control which allows you to control how secure your handgun is. Instead of attaching it to your belt with a hook or loop, Laser paddle holsters use a flat, concave polymer surface that creates friction against the hip to keep it in place. Our paddle has the added retention of protrusions that catch much like a belt hook. As with all Just Holster It products we offer a lifetime warranty on our holsters.

All of our concealed holsters come with the Lifetime Warranty Seal of approval. as long as you don’t run it over with a truck, you can rest assured knowing it is as protected.  If you are looking for a holster that is streamlined, cost effective, and concealed, the Protector Plus Rigid Concealed Holster might just be for you.

Why is our Laser Paddle Holster:

What makes our Paddle Holster the Holster of choice in the industry is our attention to detail. As with our other holster models it comes standard with the more expensive Carbon Fiber finish, giving it a professional look. In addition our Paddle Holsters come standard with adjustable retention screw(s) placed in front of the trigger guard. This gives you the ability to control our strong of a pull is required to draw the firearm from the holster. Giving you a feeling of comfort knowing someone cannot easily access your firearm. As with all of our Rigid Holsters, each holster is hand tuned and adjusted to ensure retention is placed in the correct place eliminating any potential wear mark superstitions.

Understanding Your Custom IWB Holster Options

Laser Options include…

  • Crimson Trace
  • Lasermax
  • Streamlight
  • ArmaLaser

We have brought the best of holster and clip options from across the industry to give you the best holster options for your custom build. Understanding the different clip and claw options will help you to make a better. How you dress helps to understand what clips you need and where you will conceal carry.

Paddle Adjustment is accomplished by the 4 holes located in the top of the Paddle. Simply remove the screws and reposition the hole pattern on the holster and reapply the screws with rubber spacers in place in between the paddle and holster.

It is important to note that all of the screws on your OWB and IWB Holsters all have had loktite added to them. By adjusting any of the screws on your holster you are breaking that bond and you should either apply more loktite or at a minimum periodically inspect your OWB holster to make sure the screw has not backed off or fallen out.

If you are not sure what you are looking for in a holster and want to explore other options, be sure to check out our Custom OWB Holster or Storm 2.0 Hybrid Holster.

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18 reviews for Paddle Holster – Laser Light Models

  1. Charlie (verified owner)

    I have two paddle holsters from Just Holster It (one for a Ruger and one for a Taurus), and they are both AWESOME! As noted in just about all of the reviews, the handguns fit perfectly into the holsters. I decided to begin outfitting all of my handguns with lasers, but was having a difficult time finding OWB holsters to accommodate the lasers. I don’t like the hassle of needing to loop the typical OWB holster through a belt each time I want to carry, so paddles are the way to go for me. After looking at several different holster-manufacturer websites, I happened upon Just Holster It and decided to try it out. I ordered a paddle holster for my Ruger and received it 3 days later. It was perfect! I then ordered a paddle holster for my Taurus and again, perfect! I’ll be ordering several more in the near future. I highly recommend Just Holster It!

  2. Kenneth Damato (verified owner)

    Fellow CCWs: Your search for a fantastic holster source is over!! This gang is incredible. . . Properly fill out the on-line order form (Note:This is critical!!), pay and be ready to receive FedEx at your door within 10 days (at most), and this includes shipping time, with your new holster. Perfect fit, super customer service, and a great product!!

  3. Brandon (verified owner)

    I’ve had a Springfield XDS for some time and picked up a rail mounted laser for low visibility but hated having to use a full on IWB holster all the time but that was all I had to fit the laser while equipped to the gun. I would take the laser on and off which was a hassle so it sat in my night stand gathering dust. I found this holster and was skeptical, but it fits my gun and laser sight like a glove and feels sturdy yet comfortable. I have yet to wear it for a full day but so far I’m very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend!

  4. Gregory K. (verified owner)

    Would like a little more secured rig,but all in all very well satisfied.

  5. David Daniels

    I have carried for almost 23 years (part of that being a cop), I ordered a custom holster from Just Holster It. I purchased a new Smith & Wesson compact with a Crimson Trace laser. My eyesight is not as good as it used to be. Anyway, when it arrived, I have never seen such an awesome fit for a pistol, and yes I’ve had several. Fit like a glove right out of the package. If you need a holster, accessory or not, this is the place to get it. I will be my go to from now on.

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