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Range OWB Holster

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The Range OWB Holster

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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Over 300 handgun models
  • Standard Black Finish

Introducing the best Range OWB Holster? The Range OWB Holster is ideal for using when you are at the Range, Hunting or even everyday carry. Our Range OWB Holster is an affordable option. It is designed to only cover 3.5” of the gun. So on larger guns the end of the gun does protrude out the bottom of the holster. The Range OWB Holster is made of the highly durable Kydex material making for superb retention and protection. Our Kydex holsters are all hand made and fitted.

Why is our Custom OWB Holster the Best:

Our OWB Holster are made from nothing but the best in Kydex Materials and utilize the strongest parts on the market. We make sure the holster will not rub on your gun by using a combination of Kydex Material Thicknesses that allows for optimal retention control. In addition to adjustable ride height with our OWB Holsters you can also adjust the Cant. Each of our Range  OWB Kydex Holsters are handmade, assembled and polished right here in the United States.

Do you have a threaded barrel….No problem this design allows for the holster to be open on the end to accept a threaded barrels or muzzle breaks.

Best Way to Wear and Adjust Your Just Holster It OWB Holster:

Unlike a IWB Holsters where you will either wear it as a Appendix, Crossdraw, or Kidney Holster, the Range OWB Holster is typically worn on your strongside (seam of your pants). With that considerations to think about is how well it conceals if you are wearing a shirt or coat over the top. Because the Range OWB Holster is pre-contoured to fit to your body, it provides for a tight feel keeping your handgun tight to your body.

You can adjust the ride height of the OWB Holster by simply changing the elevation of the Belt Loops. Simply take the screws out and move the belt loops and move the loops up or down depending on available holes and preferences.

The same applies for CANT adjustment, if you wish to adjust the angle of the gun forward or backwards you can adjust this by changing either the front or back loop up or down.

It is important to note that all of the screws on your OWB and IWB Holsters all have had loktite added to them. By adjusting any of the screws on your holster you are breaking that bond and you should either apply more loktite or at a minimum periodically inspect your OWB holster to make sure the screw has not backed off or fallen out.

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6 reviews for Range OWB Holster

  1. Very impressive I like it tks


  3. I like this holster

  4. It is a out side carry holster

  5. My go to holster. Carry it every day, and it’s awesome.

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