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Universal Handgun Magazine Holder

$30.79 $23.85

Introducing the ultimate Universal Handgun Magazine Holder. The unique design of the Magazine Holder allows you to adjust depending on the mag you are carrying, eliminating the need for multiple handgun magazine holders. The Universal Handgun Magazine holder will accommodate most 9mm, 40cal and 45cal magazines. It works with most mag types and can fit anything ranging from Single Stack to Staggered and Double Stacked Magazines. Standard opening size adjust from 0.61” TH x 1.39” W to 1.05” TH x 1.39”W (We recommend you measure your magazines prior to ordering)

In addition to being completely adjustable and fitting most magazines, each Universal Handgun Magazine Holder comes standard with not only the DUTY Belt Adjustable Clip but also a Speed Clip for everyday wear. This is an ambidextrous holster so there is no need to be concerned with draw hand.

Normally, buying individual mag holders to cover this wide range of magazines would cost you $100+. Now if you get a new gun you don’t have to worry about the magazine holder as you most likely have it covered.


Military Grade Polymer Material:
Produced of durable polymer for long lasting use.

One for All:
Component on the sides and bottom of the magazine pouch is adjustable to fit most pistol magazines    sizes.


Color: Black

Mounting Options: Adjustable Duty Belt Clip & Speed Clip Included

*** Does not fit Glock double Stack 45 or 45 GAP.—recommended to measure your magazines prior to ordering to ensure it is in the range.

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