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VERSA Clip by Just Holster It, LLC

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You can also Order our Holsters Complete with the VersaClip. Simply click one of these models…..   Protector Plus IWB Holster or Protector IWB Holster

Please note this is for Clip only and does not include holster, gun, or gravel.

The JHI Versa Clip provides complete VERSAtility, allowing you to convert your straight cant or fixed angle cant concealed carry holster to an adjustable cant. You can easily change how you wear your concealed carry handgun from small of back, to side carry, and even to Appendix Carry. This clip allows for users to easily exchange clips and is accommodating of most standard clip hole spacing (7/8″+/-) .

  • The Versa Clip is Patent Pending
  • With the Versa Clip you are allowed approx. 15 degree cant in either direction (30 degree full range)
  • Can be combined with canted holster to provide for larger cant adjustment
  • Made of durable high strength Nylon with improved design for even more strength
  • Designed to accommodate most standard clip hole patterns ( Spacing= 7/8″ )
  • Now you can convert your straight cant holster to an adjustable cant allowing for more flexibility
  • Currently the Patent Pending Versa Clip is available to in 1 ½” size
  • Manufacturers: Appendix Carry with one simple adjustment, no more custom manufacturing
  • Save Time and Money- No need to cut slots in your holster weakening the holster
  • Offer your customers a much more versatile product

No order too big or too small. We can handle your volume and save you money and time in production. We can produce up to 6000 Versa Clips per day. For a limited time only we are offering special pricing, so take advantage early and save money. As word travels, so does demand and production time for the Versa Clip. We will work diligently to meet your needs, so don’t wait! Get your orders in now for the JHI Versa Clip.

Manufacturers: Have you been looking for an affordable way to get your logo debossed on your Versa clip? We have an affordable solution for you. Simply contact us at [email protected] for more details. Minimum clip order of 5000 is required.

As a NRA Business Alliance Member we encourage everyone to join the NRA, help defend your 2nd Amendment by supporting the organization that supports you. To become a member complete the National Rifle Association Members Application.

4 reviews for VERSA Clip by Just Holster It, LLC

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Image #1 from davidjr
Image #1 from davidjr


Exactly what I needed to cant my holster and make it more comfortable to carry. Thank you guys!

Image #1 from davidjr
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  1. Exactly what I needed to cant my holster and make it more comfortable to carry. Thank you guys!

    Image #1 from davidjr
  2. Great products and best service.

  3. The Versa Clip allowed me to get the additional cant that I needed for my existing holster. Hardware was even included which was a great surprise! The price was right as was the 1cent shipping. Quality looks just fine.

  4. This holster is as close to a 5 as it can get. However, I got mine for the very narrow (1.39″) Kimber K6S. It needs to have a clip that adds as little as possible to the overall width for concealed carry. I suggest a narrower,(maybe J” clip to match Kimber’s objective (IWB Concealed carry) with this 357.
    Great holster but it needs as little added width as possible in the clip.

    • We offer the same holster with J CLip on our website.

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