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With so many concealed carry handgun options on the market it is difficult to decide what is the best choice. One example of a quality handgun manufacturer is Springfield. They make a wide range of concealed carry handguns including the most popular ones the XDS, but what do you do when you start to look for a Springfield holsters. With so many options on the market and such a wide range in pricing it can be difficult to decide. Just like a quality Springfield Handgun, Just Holster It prides themselves on making quality handgun concealment holsters and a matching Gun Holster Belt. In fact one of their most popular handgun holsters is the Springfield XDS Holster available in several IWB holster options.

Protector Plus HolsterThe Rigid IWB Holster from Just Holster It is made for both easy and reliable holstering. Specially designed to be as concealable as possible, the Rigid IWB Holster is made from incredibly durable materials making it almost unbreakable but lightweight. The screws are specially made to be fully adjustable so that your retention is customized to how your gun is held (reducing the chances of it coming out of the concealment holster). Simple and steadfast, this is a straight forward concealed carry holster made to do the job.

Can’t decide if you’re an IWB or an OWB kind of person? Then the Hybrid Concealed Carry Holster is made for you. This big boy has both IWB and OWB carry settings in one, made with the standard 15 degree cant for ease of removal. For the price of one, you basically get two different DIY sets that allow you to change between types and belt clips that you can chop and change as you like. Not bad at all for the price you pay, and definitely not one to miss!

If you’re looking for a simple OWB Springfield holsters then do not despair, the OWB Holsters from Just Holster It have got you covered. Made specifically to fit your gun, this product is easily concealable since it doesn’t make an overly obvious bulge that most OWB holsters make. Instead, this moulds to your waistband and it can be customised to take more shells. This one is also interchangeable with the Hybrid mentioned above, so you can switch the gun shells with both! Pretty cool huh?

How about while you are on the go jet setting to your favourite vacation getaway, how are you transporting your firearms. From your handgun holster, to your magazines, to your rifles we have the perfect Airline Approved Gun Cases for you. With a 1 Year Warranty and 2 inches of foam on each side these are the perfect bed for your handguns. Even the toughest of baggage handlers can’t hurt these  practically indestructible gun cases. Not to mention they are the perfect gift for the loved one that has too many toys.

For at home protection, has got to be the Rigid IWB Holster & Knight Guard Package also from Just Holster It ! Made to sit between your mattress and the box springs, keeping your handgun close at night. This package is perfect for late night protection and offers all the light and shooting power you would need right at your fingertips.

Are you carrying under the sun all day? Nothing is worse than sweat causing your handgun to rust. The Rigid IWB with Slide Shield is a standard holster with the slide shield included, leaving a barrier between your handgun and your skin when it’s holstered. This makes a massive difference since it won’t corrode the metal of your concealed carry handgun and will leave it looking good as new.

Or maybe you are looking for Gun Holsters for Women, the JHI Pocket Holster is made especially for both men and women! Made to fit snugly in a front pocket or in in your purse, the holster keeps your gun upright in your pocket for easy draw while keeping it hidden from the public eye. The holster is made from kydex and is shaped in a way that protects the trigger while still ensuring that it is easy to draw. Great Springfield holster option!



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