Right Gun Holsters for Women

Finding the Right Gun Holsters for Women

Finding the right gun holsters for women is much more difficult then looking for a man. It is not because of the gun they carry, and it does not matter if it is a leather gun holster or ankle holster. The problem stems from their lifestyle and how they dress. In other words, do they wear a tank top, jeans with or without a belt, or even stretch pants. Once you decide how they dress you then need to look at how active their lifestyle is. Many women now days do not even carry a purse. So with all these variables it sometimes seems impossible to find the perfect concealed holsters to fit not just their gun, but their lifestyle with total comfort.

When deciding on a place to shop for your concealed carry holsters look to a place that will give you a customized personal service, in addition to feeling comfortable in the environment and the customer service. Even before you start asking for a holster, the last thing you want to do is be directed to isle 13 and left to figure it out for yourself. Look for a place like Just Holster It in Alden that allows you to try on holsters. Preferably a place that caters to women and men, but at the same time offers a wide range of product options from simple items like gun holster belts, to concealed carry purse, ankle holsters and both OWB and IWB Holsters. But more importantly caters to you the woman, able to modify the holsters whether it is something as simple as a clip or even build a holster to fit your lifestyle. Most stores only offer one or two holster options for your handgun, and you are unable to try anything on. You open it you buy it.

You will know when you found the right place when you note facilities are designed to give women a sense of comfort, for example JHI wants to spend the time with you from the minute you call, email or walk in store they walk you through the process of identifying your open or concealed carry holster needs. They start with simple questions such as how you dress or what a normal day in your life is like. They will then look at various other items to consider even past medical issues that may restrict movement alerting them that maybe you need to use a cross draw holster. Finally giving you several options to choose from. If you are in the right store they actually give you the opportunity to try on the holsters with actual simulator blue guns giving you the full experience.

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