Our Quiz Finds Holsters That Fit Your Lifestyle

One of the aspects responsible for Just Holster It’s success over the years – apart from our products, of course – is our showroom. The experience of visiting a local, family-owned shop can never be fully replicated online. You can’t touch the product, try it on, or chat face-to-face with one of us to help guide you toward the product that’s the best fit for you. Our Lifestyle Quiz is our attempt to bring that personal touch to our online store.

Bringing Our Showroom Online

We’re big fans of innovative, outside-the-box ideas – that’s true for every aspect of our business; from the products we offer to the way we interact with our customers. The interactive Lifestyle Quiz is a great example of one way in which we’re working to bring the personal touch that is so important into the digital world.

Just Holster It is focused on making concealed carry easy. We designed the lifestyle quiz to be as simple and efficient as possible. The answers you provide to each question will dynamically change the selection of holsters displayed. Are you male or female? Do you wear a belt or not? Do you wear your shirt tucked or untucked? Are you in a vehicle all day? These are the basic questions we might ask of our in-store customers who may need a little bit of extra guidance in choosing the right holster option.

Comfort and Concealment

We believe that comfort is equally as important as concealment when it comes to determining the holster configuration that is best for you. By creating the lifestyle quiz, we’re hoping to bridge the gap between our in-store and online experiences. While our hope is to reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to return the holster you ultimately decide on, our lifetime warranty will still apply – just in case.By matching the holster to your Lifestyle we hope to cover not only functionality but also comfort and concealment.

Take the quiz today and find the perfect holster to Match Your Lifestyle.

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