Perfect Holster

And the Search Goes on for the Perfect Holster

Perfect HolsterImagine the perfect holster, what would your vision look like. Now try to find that holster. Like many others before you the search begins. You first visit your local gun shops, then Cabelas, Bass Pro and so on. Along the way you buy one to try it out and it just is not right. Into the box in the garage it goes, and your search continues. Now you turn to the internet and start your search there. Does this sound familiar?

Why is it so hard to find a holster that fits you and not just the gun? Why does your local gun shop only carry a certain brand of holster and not offer more options. And why do the national chains carry a lot of the same popular name brand holsters such as Desantis, Blackhawk and Safariland to name a few. The answer is simple, but the solution is not.

Many of the gun shops and even the national chains buy from the same reps and dealers. In order to carry some of the lines you have to buy a large quantity to even just get low pricing to compete. So many smaller shops invest in only one line of holsters. Or the larger stores we named above negotiate a large purchase from the same brand to get them the best pricing and service.

At a recent local gun show we were selling our holsters at, when I was approached by a couple of women interested in a holster for their Glock 43. They where referred to us by other customers of ours. They came right up picked up the holster for the Glock 43 and wanted to buy it. I paused them for a moment and started asking them a series of questions such as…. Do you wear a belt? Do you typically wear jeans or leggings? As they answered I was getting a puzzled look from them. I explained that even though they where ready to buy the holsters they had in their hand that it would not fit their lifestyle and I would prefer they come visit the store where we could show them better options. I then explained some of the options we had and why. They walked away instead with our business card, but before they left they thanked me for being honest and trying to help them. The one woman said…” You know anyone else here would have just sold us the holsters and not said anything.”

How does all of this help you? Simply put whether you are buying online or in your local store. Look for a store that one offers you the largest selection of holsters and is willing to take the time to answer your questions or guide you in the direction of a holster that will fit you and not just your handgun. Simply put if all they ask is what gun model you have and never even ask whether you want to carry inside or out. Or better yet they don’t ask whether you wear a belt, but suddenly hand you a holster. Then you might want to consider another location to shop for your holster at. Or put a box on the shelf in your garage for your future collection of holsters. Visit our store


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